Monday, May 21, 2012

Learn How You Can Hack A Facebook Password Free

How to list someone as your sibling on Facebook:

    Go to your profile and click on the Info tab.
    Go to Edit Information.
    Go to Relationship.
    Family Members is the second option down.
    On the right side, make sure each person is set as Show on profile

How to Create a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Examples and Best Practices
You do not have to have a pre-cropped image available in Facebook to create the cover photo. As long as any photo is wide enough to cover the space, Facebook will let you drag the photo within the cover image box for use. But just any old picture is not going to make a striking cover image

While this will get cleared up, what if she lost a job opportunity because "she" posted that she likes to suck dick on her facebook profile? What else should be involved to make this a felony. If she said she was going to blow something up or do something violent? What's the line between casual prank and something that's damaging to her and others?

If you illegally break into someone's account and then do stuff, it's a felony. Hey, I have an idea, don't do that.
Facebook Trading Near Its IPO Price Means It Was Priced Right, Not That It Was A Disaster.

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