Monday, May 21, 2012

How to hack someones Facebook account

How to hack someones Facebook account
How to hack someones Facebook account
How to find out someones facebook password if i know their email?
How do i get someones facebook password if i already have their email and know how to get in to there email account without changing the password?

How do you find out someone's Facebook User ID
Go to their Facebook profile page. On the of the Internet Browser look at the URL address. You need the number that appears in the link after id=
It will look something like:

How to Hack a Facebook Account
Hack FacebookMany people would like to hack a facebook account in order to find out some information. Since our blog is focuses on catching cheating spouses this is a hot topic these days. I’ve written many hacking guides for myspace, hotmail, etc. and they all are pretty similar. There are lots of scam sites and such telling you they can hack for money, or having you download “hacking tools” that are actually designed to steal your own passwords.. and these should be highly avoided.

How To Get Into Someones Facebook
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How to Post a Picture on Someone's Wall As a Comment on Facebook
Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you have a lengthy message to leave for one of your Facebook friends, why not save the space and post an image instead? Facebook lets you post links, video and graphic files as Wall posts just as you would a text comment. A smaller thumbnail version of your picture will appear on your friend's Wall.

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